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Could DuckDuckGo Spell the End of Bing?




In less than a week Apple will launch iOS 8 which is the latest iteration of its iPhone operating system and it will be doing so with DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. So, why does this have anything to do with the viability of Bing going forward? Well, read on and you’ll see…


What is a DuckDuckGo Anyway?


Unfamiliar with DuckDuckGo? In essence, it is a search engine juts like Bing or Google but it gets its search data less from crawlers and instead relies on external sources like Yelp, Wikipedia and other authoritative sites. In addition to relying on these sites it also employs its own search algorithm which apparently ranks no-follow links from wiki pages just as highly as do-follow links (perhaps not as surprising as it sounds when we consider that DuclDuckGo is the anti-Google and anti-Bing).


Since its humble beginnings in 2008 the nascent search engine has been increasing its share of searches and added over a billion queries in 2013 alone. Sounds great, right? Well, not to bust anyone’s bubble but a recent SearchEngineLand survey concluded that only 7% percent of people had heard of the search engine. So why the switch Apple?


Privacy Concerns May Give DuckDuckGo a Boost


As anyone who has used Google, and to a lesser extent, Bing knows when you search on their network you are being constantly followed and your information being mined unscrupulously. Use Gmail and it’s even worse. Apple and the creators of DuckDuckGo are betting consumers looking for an alternative to the Google’ Big Brother style monopoly and, with all the news about Right to Be forgotten and the EU anti-trust suit, they may be onto something.


The Takeaway


So, what does this mean for Bing and you as a marketer? Well, according to the same study mentioned above, only 7% of people use Bing on a daily basis which means that if and when DuckDuckGo gains momentum (which may certainly happen now that it will benefit from being the iPhone‘s default search engine) it could easily overtake Bing. As content producers then it is clear that we need to be early adopters and at least get a baseline of where we appear in DDG’s SERPs.



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I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

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