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The Google Petting Zoo and You

Articles and the Google Petting Zoo

You may have heard that articles and article directories are dead and to steer clear of them unless you want to be penalized by Google’s vicious cadre of pandas, penguins and hummingbirds (we honestly can’t wait to see what cute little animal they choose next as a harbinger of destruction). Make no mistake about it: SEO writing has changed since the glory days when one cld rely on cheaply spun, poorly written and incredibly thin content to rank one’s site. So, in a very real sense, the traditional article directory filled with hundreds of thousands of badly written and completely uninteresting articles is a DEAD-END for any company that has a long-term growth strategy. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all directories or all articles are bad for business, does it?

Google Wants You to Write for People, Not RobotsSorry Robot, this article isn't  for you!

Here’s the secret that Google doesn’t want you to know: writing articles (also known as content) is a great way to give your site authority and increase your page rank. But, and here is the catch, you simply cannot afford to do it the old way. You see, Google has been working for years and spent billions of dollars to create a search engine capable of giving people what they want when they search for it. It is their success at doing this that has made them one of the largest and most successful companies in history. But, how do they do it? Simple: by creating an algorithm that tries to serve up results that would be valuable to a human.

If You’re Writing Just for a Link, Stop Reading Now & Save Your Money

In the early days of SEO, search engines weren’t so good at understanding huge blocks of text and keyword stuffing was commonplace because it worked. Nowadays, if your site or page looks too spammy, watch out because you may get axed. What Google wants is what actual people want: real content that serves a real purpose. Sure, you need articles and content to serve as link bait but if that is the only reason you’re writing (or thinking about having a company write something for you) save your time and money and buy some ads on Google or Bing instead. But, if you have an idea for an article or guide that will actually provide value to your readers or customers then, by all means, get to it. Still, there are a few more things you want to consider before jumping in and hiring (us hopefully) or writing an article yourself.

3 Key Features of a Great Article

One feature of a  winning article more than any other wins out when it comes to SEO visibility and that is quality. If your article is poorly written or is filled with errors and misspellings you can be certain that it won’t get the desired results.

The next most important feature in a great article is the length. It used t be (as recently as 2013 in fact) that the recommendations were for 300 words per article or page. This has changed to a minimum of 700 words most likely because it is much harder for people to churn out content that is longer.

The third key aspect of a great article is that ineffable thing that keeps people reading: its subject. In this regard, you rely can’t find anyone better than your customers or clients to tell you what would be an interesting or engaging article. What questions do they ask on a daily basis? What kinds of problems do they face when using your products or services? Think along these lines when brainstorming for your next piece and always take the lead when working with content and copywriting companies to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. So, since the internet loves lists, lets list the top, 3 features of a great article below:

  1. Quality Writing
  2. Adequate Length
  3. A Subject that Provides Value

Article Writing: DIY or Outsource

You may wonder why a company like us (who gets paid to write for you) would give away all of this  information for free and then ask you to decide whether you should DIY or help pay our bills. The fact is, you are almost always better off to write your on articles and content because (if you’re good at what you do) there is no one else who will undesrtand your industry, niche and customers better than you. The flip side of that is that since you’re good at what you do,
you may not have time for it and this is where we come in.

Furthermore, the more we help to educate our customers and clients, the more realistic they will be in terms of appraising what can be done with article writing. Gone are the days that 10 articles, deftly placed in the right directories would catapult you to PR 1.And, finally, an educated client is our mos valuable asset because when you have an understanding of what we do and why we do it the results are far better than when we try to go solo.

So, if you like what you see, contact us today and get started (we’re a small agency so that earlier you book us the quicker you can have your project completed) at so we can get the ball rolling.


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