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Do I Really Need a Blog?

Chances are if you’re asking the question and reading this page you already know the answer. Blogs and blogging have become an integral part of most businesses marketing and communication efforts these days and it isn’t too much to say that any company or entrepreneur who didn’t take advantage of the benefits they offer would do so at their own peril. And yet, there is a lot more to blogging (or, dare I say, blogging effectively) than simply creating a Blogger or WordPress account, uploading some pics of your cat and writing two or three fifty word posts once or twice a year. Like anything else, there is both an art and science to effective blogging and for many individuals and businesses (both large and small) they simply do not have the time, talent or inclination to maintain a blog that actually delivers results (and by results we mean traffic).

Where to Start?

If you have joined us in the 21st Century and are on board with the idea that your company or brand needs a blog the next logical question is where to start? The sheer number of blogging platforms can be mind-numbing and there is certainly no shortage of companies willing to take your money for the pleasure of blogging with them. But, before you whip out your credit card take a breath and consider that the two most popular and easy-to-use platforms available are free: Blogger and WordPress. We won’t get too far into the details here because describing the features, benefits and comparative disadvantages of each platform is another page in itself (look for it on our blog shortly) but just knowing you don’t have to pay for an effective blog is a great start.

Ready. Set. Write.

Now that have your shiny new blog what should you write about? And how often? Seems simple enough but it is at just this stage in the process where many businesses and entrepreneurs hit a wall. If you’re like most business people you have gotten to where you are by doing your job–not by writing about what you do (unless you happen to be in marketing communications or a related field). So, whether it’s an issue of talent, time or you can’t for the life of you come up with an idea about what to write about then you may want to consider obtaining the services of a company like Et Scribis.

We’ll Get You Blogging in No Time

We have written 100s of blog posts for an incredibly diverse range of brands, companies and individuals and know what it takes to produce compelling content on a regular basis. Sound like a good fit? If so, contact us today so we can get you started on your blog today!


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