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linkedin-2LinkedIn – Build Your Brand

LinkedIn has become the largest professional social network in the world and it has completely changed the way business networking and recruiting is done. In the year 2014 and beyond, you  simply can’t afford to get by with a shoddy LinkedIn profile, unless of course you don’t mind being passed up by potential clients and employers in favor of those who have taken a little bit of extra time to polish their LinkedIn profile.

Not sure where to begin? At Et Scribis we’re here to help and invite you to subscribe to our mailing list or follow our blog to get the latest tips on LinkedIn best practices and profile writing. Still, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply don’t have the time why not let us write your Linked profile for you?

Trust Us to Write a More Effective LinkedIn Profile

Thinking of a career change? At Et Scribis we’re not necessarily better or smarter than the next guy (or girl), we just work harder. By constantly staying abreast of the ever-changing landscape of LinkedIn and social networking in general we understand how to implement the practices that will increase your profile views and raise your rank in search results.

Want to build your brand? Your LinkedIn profile carries incredible weight with the major search engines Google and Bing and allows you to quickly connect with a large network of professionals in your industry or niche. So, even if you’re not looking to change careers, you can obtain enormous benefit by attracting new clients to your brand simply through an improved LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn – A Giant Amongst Social Networks

Before you decide what, if anything, you’re going to do with your LinkedIn profile you may want to consider the following facts:


  • The average, daily LinkedIn profile views (mobile) was 1.45 million in April 2014.
  • There were over 1.2 million products and services showcased on LinkedIn company pages in June 2013.
  • 40% of users checked LinkedIn pages daily as of July 2013.
  • By February 2014, the number of unique monthly visitors to LinkedIn was over 187 million.

Need any more convincing? If you see the benefit and would like a little help or would like us to edit your LinkedIn profile for you contact us. But, whatever you do, don’t just sit there and let the tremendous opportunity to promote yourself with LinkedIn pass you by.





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