Et Scribis

Content and Copy


At Et Scribis we have a wide variety of clientele and have worked on a number of diverse projects from website copy to press release to social media management and email marketing. Suffice it to say that we are one of a growing number of small companies who inhabit a non-traditional market space created by the meeting of ecommerce, social media and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Website Content and Copy

Not only do we specialize in writing SEO articles and blog posts but we are experienced in writing website copy (AKA content) for a variety of different industries and brands. The following sites are examples of varied portfolio. An online automotive tint and accessory store that specializes in affordable modification and custom-design tint and interior kits.

PioneerStudio: Pioneer Studio offers a complete portrait photography experience to their clients in the UAE.

Ziddos: Ziddos specializes in building advanced solutions for the financial services, airline, hospitality, healthcare and a variety of other industries from the ground up.



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